Title Pages – An Interactive Notebook Assignment

Whenever we start a new unit of instruction, I have my students create a title page to preview the content.

Together, we set up the page and write the title of the unit.  I always draw one on the board and let them know which pages in the book they can choose their pictures from. Pictures can be charts, maps, and actual images. They can be from the students’ imaginations. No stick figures, and they need to have captions.

Before they start drawing, I preview essential question and the the guiding questions from the unit. I lead them through a chapter walk highlighting key events. Then the students choose their pictures and draw them.

It takes a good half-hour of student work to create a solid title page, so I feel that the intro and chapter walk are key in making it a worthwhile activity.


Don’t have a half-hour? Students not big on the drawing thing?

Alternatives to picture gallery title pages:

  • Acrostics – Acrostics of the title can be great title pages.
  • A-Z wordsearches – students scan the chapter/lesson and look for words that start with each of the letters of the alphabet. This activity is based on the Janet Allen strategy: http://www.usd416.org/pages/uploaded_files/14Words_fromaz14.pdf
  • History One-Pager from Mr. Roughton – (although as a title page activity, I would limit this to one period. Students could complete it on a legal size sheet of copy paper and then glue it in, or use a two-page spread.



2 comments so far

  1. Bill Gaskins on

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I am looking for more notebooking activities in social studies. Anything you share will be helpful.


  2. A. Weeks on

    I am teaching social studies combined with language arts again after years in only LA. I am looking for ideas to incorporate interactive notebook strategies into my lessons. Thanks for sharing.

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