Illustrated Outlines and Concept Maps – Interactive Notebooks Assignments

Sometimes you don’t have a lot time.

Sometimes your material just doesn’t “lend” itself to the incredibly creative.

And for notebooking newbies, sometimes you just need a place to start.

For these times, I like to turn to note-taking assignments like the concept map or the illustrated outline.

Note-taking, determining importance, paraphrasing – whatever you want to call it – is a skill that will be used throughout life.

Notes about this strategy:

  • If the article has sub-headings built in, you can use those as your topics for the map or outline.
  • If not, you can either provide students with topics or generate them with the class.
  • I suggest that students take three notes for each topic in their own words.
  • I ask that students color code, and illustrate their notes.

Sample Concept Map


Illustrated outlines are concept maps, all straightened out. 069


I actually use these to introduce the left-right concept.  I start with webs, then illustrated outlines, then allow them choice. Then I move on to the more involved notebook assignments.


2 comments so far

  1. Eve Heaton on

    Very helpful getting started advice. I know we have talked before but it is helpful being able to reference back.


  2. Karen on

    Inserting the drawings of student’s concept maps is really appreciated! I find concept maps help student organize the information in a manner that improves mastery of the material. I believe concept map note taking can be more effective than just writing down the information, once an individual has practiced the technique. Thanks for sharing your information.

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