Sensory Figures – An Interactive Notebook Assignment

Just finished reading about an important person? Defined the characteristics of a group of people – serfs, Roman soldiers, victims of disease? Do you want your students to internalize the information you just taught them?

It might be time for a sensory figure.


This assignment requires students to imagine themselves in the place of this person or group of people.

Have the students draw a figure to represent the person or group or give them a simple drawing for them to paste in the center of their page.

Then the students draw lines out from the figures eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet. At the end of the lines they complete sentence stems such as “I see ______________” “I hear _______________” “I walk ______________”

I usually ask for seven complete sentences based on the information. I encourage students who like to draw to add in addtional details if they want.

Another one that requires a good bit of modeling before you quit getting “I hear birds singing” :), but once they get the hang of it, it is a great tool.

This is a sensory figure of a monk that a student completed after our monastery simulation.


These are of Black Death victims:

black-plague-victime-2     black-plague-victim-3

Sensory Figures of Serfs:

0541    051

Other ideas – this works great for individuals or groups

  • a hunter/gatherer
  • a serf
  • a Roman soldier
  • an Egyptian pharaoh (generic or specific “Ramses II)

If you are trying to provide options, this works well with the comic strip (see post below) and a writing assignment.

I’ve recently written another post about introducing this assignment here.


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