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I will be going full force with the Common Core and standards based grading this school year and have been reading anything I can get my hands on. I like to start with theI just wanted to share with you some websites that I have found useful in planning for Common Core instruction this year.

This is a collection of resources from the Illinois State Board of Education. I really like their ELA Teaching and Learning Strategies, for both Literature and Informational Text. Each standard includes Strategy/Lesson suggestions and ideas for assessment. I’ve included a screenshot of one standard below:

This site is from Common Core Connect, a website of the Tulare County Office of Education in California. This document, for each standard, lists the standard and its anchor, essential skills, academic vocabulary, question stems, and the standard for the grade below and the grade above. I’ve included a screenshot of one standard below:

These are also available as bookmarks that you could hole punch and put on a binder ring.

A last site that I am using in my planning process is the Marzano Research Laboratory, Proficiency Scale Bank. I am transitioning to standards based learning and I plan on creating proficiency scales for each standard I am teaching this year. I always like to look at examples, and there are many on this free website. You will need to create an account though. Here is a screenshot of a sample proficiency scale:

I hope these are helpful to you, and if you have any planning resources for the Common Core, please link them in your comments! Happy planning!

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