Edmodo – My Class Online

Edmodo is an amazing service, and it is free. I’m going to write in this post how I am using Edmodo in my classroom as you can easily Google it to find out anything else.

Assignments: Every assignment I give is on Edmodo. You can actually assign tasks to individual students or whole groups. You can attach handouts, links, or videos to the assignments – no more lost instructions. Students can comment on the assignment asking for clarification. These assignments then show up in student notifications, and can be turned in online. When I grade them I can use Edmodo’s annotate feature, or I can type feedback directly in to the student’s turned in assignment. They can continue to revise until the assignment is graded.

Calendar: All assignments show up in the student’s calendar, and they are clickable. This has been amazing for parents. Also, you can add dates for quizzes/tests/events. My teaching partner is on Edmodo too, so we can see each other’s assignments and coordinate due dates.

Updates/Announcements/Pictures: I can share what we are doing in class, and I can choose what to make public – Edmodo is a closed, safe environment but you can choose to make certain things public – no more double work on the school webpage. Also, students can interact with this content – asking questions or commenting.

Quizzes – you can create all types of assessments in Edmodo – short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice. These can be graded within Edmodo and show you at a glance where the class is and where understanding is breaking down.

Parent Involvement: the absolutely best thing about Edmodo is parent communication. Parents receive everything you send the the student – every assignment, every direct message, the calendar, the quizzes – everything.

Slow shift to paperless – my district wants us to become 90 percent paperless in three years. Edmodo has allowed me to start that – I don’t print copies of study guides for the entire class anymore, only those without access to a printer. Edmodo also plays nicely with any Web 2.0 service you use via links or embedding – projects are completed, submitted, and graded online.

Students use Edmodo at school and home, and it is leading my class to a more blended environment.


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  1. Rebecca on

    I admit I am fairly new to Edmodo myself, but I have to disagree with its perfection. I believe that a reliance on this website fails our students who lack the technology resources at home, the ability to get to a place where such technology is available, or require more individualized instruction. I used this last year in a self-contained (as in special education) science class. The students struggled with navigation so the instructions were “hidden in plain sight.” The tests and quizzes, although prepared by the teacher instead of a publisher, do not allow students to use the test taking strategies taught in class.
    That being said, I am impressed with all that Edmodo has to offer. There are a lot of features, such as the parent communication aspect, that I was unaware of. The social media “look” to it is appealing to the students and is therefore eagerly embraced. In addition, having the entire day’s activities and websites posted on the students’ pages allows the students to begin independently and return outside of class. The ability to communicate and submit assignments via Edmodo promotes responsibility, ownership, and maturity. For the average general education class, Edmodo is an excellent resource, but for students requiring more adult assistance, the independent nature of Edmodo makes it unsuitable.

  2. Melissa on

    Thanks for sharing. I am still a student but hoping to use some of these tools in my future classroom. I love how the calendar and assignments can all be found in one place.

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