Find Someone Who – A Preview/Review Activity

A twitter post reminded me of “Find Someone Who” icebreaker – you know the one where you have a list or bingo-style board of characteristics (hair color,  has moved, has a pet, etc) and you circulate around the room looking for “someone who” fits that characteristic.

If you’ve never participated in this, here is a link with a thorough description.

I love motion activities, and so I’ve adapted it to use for content – either as a preview or review activity.

For a preview activity, make a list of things that relate (however tangentially) to your unit. Allow for the Find Someone Who procedure.

Example for the Middle Ages:

  • FSW has played chess
  • FSW has seen a movie with a knight in it.
  • FSW has ever dressed up as a princess.
  • FSW has been to Medieval Times.
  • FSW thinks sword fighting is cool.
  • FSW can tell you about King Arthur and Camelot
  • FSW has read one of these books: Crispin and the Cross of Lead, Catherine called Birdy, A Door in the Wall

Review games are even easier, because you are dealing with a common body of content.

  • FSW can sketch the Feudal Pyramid
  • FSW can show where the Crusades were fought on a map
  • FSW can list three types of jobs a serf might perform
  • FSW can explain why the Church was so important
  • FSW can define the word “cathedral”

When I do content based Find Someone Who activities, I make sure I circulate so that I can monitor conversations. Students must sign off that they have actually explained, showed, or drawn what was required. If I suspect students are randomly signing, I’ll ask that student to explain, show, or draw for me. If they can’t they must sit down, and do a quiet review activity at their seat.


3 comments so far

  1. Shelly Terrell on

    What a great way to do this activity! I use this for my ESL classes, but never thought how this would work in a content class. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  2. Eve Heaton on

    Love this idea. Will try it out when we review shortly with our light/electricity unit.


  3. Naaren Moharanjithan on

    I agree with Shelly. I never thought FSW can work in a content class too. Thanks a million.

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