Mummies – Make Them Online

Mummies are endlessly fascinating to us, due to pop culture and and their inherent gross-factor. As we approach Halloween, it seemed appropriate to blog about my favorite mummy sites. Both of these sites are great for use on an interactive white board or to add to your website as an enriching/center activity.

The Mummy Maker

An excellent virtual mummy by BBC. It has more of a story/game format. You take the role of the embalmer’s assistant in making a mummy of a recently deceased pharaoh. You are shown the tools, and you have to decide what is the most appropriate to use. You can ask three questions, and mess up three times before you lose.

The Virtual Mummy

This site is my favorite. Hosted by the University of Chicago, you mummify a cartoon body step by step. My student’s favorite part of this website is the graphic of breaking up the brains and dragging them out through the nose.

Mummification from the British Museum

This is another of the wonderful ancient history sites published by the British museum. Here you can read a story about the embalming process, explore an actual mummy, and play a shockwave game based on the soul’s journey to the underworld in Egyptian Mythology.

Clickable Mummy

This is found on the Akhet – The Horizon to Ancient Egypt site. It features images of a real mummy that you can click on to learn more about.


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