Making Online Review Games

“Mrs. Gannon, I studied for an hour last night and it was so much fun!!!!!”

No, not sarcasm.
Nope, not a dream.

The student was very happy to play the online review games I created to go along with the test I’m giving next week. They’ve been coming in all week asking if I’m going to put up anymore, and encouraging each other to go my website and play.

The best part? The games are free, and easy to make.

Website 1:

Classtools Flash Cards and Arcades Game

This site offers a very simple interface. You type in question*answer, for as many questions as you want to include. Students can then choose which game to play with the information. This has gotten a big thumbs up from my fifth graders. You can save your game as html or embed in your webpage. You can also password protect your questions so only you can edit them. These are also the people who bring us the fruit machine random name generator that I wrote about in a previous post.

Website 2:

superteachertools who wants to be a millionaire

Each game can hold fifteen multiple choice questions. With this site you can either link to the game you create, or download it and play it with the offline player. I like that it gives practice with the multiple choice format. Fifteen questions also allowed me to target specific topics, so my students could focus where they needed it. This is also fun to play whole class with a Promethean board. There is also a “speed match” and a “jeopardy” flash game, but I haven’t experimented with those yet. The Jeopardy looks like a “whole class” game to me.

Website 3:

Screenshot - Review Game Zone

This is a website I just found tonight, and I will be experimenting with it this weekend. It is free for teachers, but it does require you to register (email and password only) and validate your email address. You type in up to 10 multiple choice questions on a topic and the student can choose from one of six sports theme games.

I have reserved a computer lab for Monday’s class so that all of  my students can review using these games. My hope is that the students who haven’t played them yet will be interested enough to pursue them on their own time.

Do you know of any other online review sites? Please share!


5 comments so far

  1. Eve Heaton on

    Definitely will be checking these out. Thanks for sharing.


  2. waleed on

    Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  3. Eve Heaton on

    Follow up to my earlier comment…I made a review game for my weather unit using The students loved them and being able to tell their parents that “playing” was part of their review. That got me thinking that students would be able to make their own review games. I spent a few days teaching students how to use and save in the system (we did match first names and last names in the classroom and TV/Movie questions). The game plan is to have them create their own review questions in our next unit. I’ll let you know how that goes!


  4. mrsgannon on

    I’m glad to hear it worked it out for you – and very interested in how the students “make your own” goes! The kids really do love them, several parents commented specifically about the games at conferences 🙂 And its so easy to use!

  5. Sharnon Johnston-Robinett on

    Here’s a post I did on game makers. When I find new ones, I update it, BUT I don’t always put new ones at the bottom, either- I just stick ’em wherever- so do check it out.

    I think letting the kids do the questions is a great idea- especially if you change classes- have them ‘challenge’ the other classes!


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