Constitution Day

Happy 222 Anniversary, Constitution!

Tomorrow is Constitution Day, officially observed on the anniversary of the Constitution’s signing, September 17th. All U.S. schools receiving federal funding must observe Constitution Day by including instruction related to the history of the U.S. Constitution.

In honor of  Constitution Day, I’m including a few resources that might be helpful to teachers planning for next year 🙂

Why Celebrate Constitution Day?, editorial

We the People, The Preamble Song by School House Rock, courtesy of YouTube. Come on, you know you remember. One of my favorite school memories is taking the preamble quiz in US History. We had to write the whole thing from memory. About two minutes in, someone started humming the tune and before we were finished the whole class was humming along.

A nice collection of Constitution Worksheets by Enchanted Learning.

A wiki put together by a fellow notebooker of Constitution Day Activities.

We’ve been studying Reconstruction, including the process of amending the Constitution and the 13-15th amendments. Tomorrow I will play the preamble song and we’ll discuss how the the 13 – 15th amendments helped “create a more perfect union”, “promote the general welfare”, and “secure the blessings of liberty”.

Happy Constitution Day, everyone!


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