Motion Activities – Mix Pair Share

Sometimes students need to move, and sometimes teachers need to be entertained.

This is the perfect time for the Kagan strategy – Mix Pair Share. These are the “official” instructions:

Mix Pair Share
1. students mix
2. teacher calls, “pair”
3. hand up, pair up
4. teacher asks question, gives think time
5. share

This is what I like to do with the students:

  1. Students stand up by their desks.
  2. Teacher starts the music (I like something fun and energizing think “Funkytown” or “Everybody, Everbody”)
  3. Students mix – smiling, waving, bopping – but no talking
  4. Teacher stops music and students pair with the closest person (I tell them, not the closest boy, not the closest girl, but the closest person)
  5. Students turn back to back.
  6. Teacher asks question and provides think time.
  7. Students turn and discuss question, then turn back to back.
  8. Teacher restarts music, and the cycle begins again if desired.

Now, that seems to have more steps, but it really goes pretty fast.  Sort of a musical chairs without chairs. It can provide a much needed break and generates a lot of enthusiasm for the discussion.

Besides, until you’ve seen a bunch of 10 year olds doing the “John Travolta”, you haven’t seen it all yet!


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  1. Elaina Weaver on

    Great idea! I will have to give this a try.

  2. Riel Life « Lotta Learning on

    […] instead of two (Mix-Trio-Shair?).  If you aren’t familiar with this strategy, you can look here… she does a good job of explaining it, and gives credit to Kagan.  Our goal today was to […]

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