A Beach-Themed Classroom

As I described in my earlier post, my entire school went with ocean/beach themed classrooms.

Reading Nook

I had never done one before, so I searched the internet for pictures and hints and help. Teachers are extroadinarily generous people, and give freely of their ideas. In this post I am going to share pictures of my room and ideas I collected from so many. The attached document was posted by a teacher over at proteacher.net a wonderful chatboard family.

You can see all of my classroom pictures here.

You can see an animoto presentation here.

Beach_Theme_Ideas document.

Thank you to all the people who helped by contributing and tweaking ideas! I hope that having these in one spot is helpful.


2 comments so far

  1. Stephanie on

    Hey, cute idea! I love the lime green chairs! Where did you buy them? I have an idea for you, buy stuffed animals, (fish,dolphins,sharks) and hang them from the ceiling and you have swimming sea animals!

  2. mrsgannon on

    I bought the chairs at Big Lots. Found more this year at Lowes – they are very durable.

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