FAQ – How do you put handouts in composition notebooks?

I use composition notebooks, and I love them. The biggest hassle with them is formatting your handouts, and the good news is that once you figure out what works best for you it really isn’t that big of a deal!

Options for full size pages from reproducible books/workbooks:

  • Use as is, and have students take notes or answer questions into the notebook itself. (Paper conscious – this only requires a class set, possibly minimal paper if using a question strip.)
  • Use as is, and fold. A standard sheet of paper folded in half will easily fit into a composition notebook. Use tape or glue, so that the page can be unfolded and read.
  • Copy the original on a copy machine that allows reduction – 70 – 75% seems to work best. Then trim two copies, and make a master copy from this. Always keep your master copy – this way you only have to do the work once!
  • Scan to pdf (many workbooks and reproducible books come in pdf form already) and print two to a page. That option is in the print dialogue box – many many full size pages are perfectly readable printed two to a page. This is my preferred method.
  • PDF print multiple pages

Options for teacher-created handouts:

  • Design as normal, then print two to a page using the option in the print dialogue box.
  • Word 2003 Print Dialogue Box 2 to a page
  • Format your word document this way – Landscape, two columns – then create as usual. This will allow for two to a page.
  • For longer notes, design as usual. Choose “book fold” in the print dialogue box and you can easily get 3 half pages as a booklet.
  • page set up book fold
  • For longer notes, you can also “layer” half sheets creating a type of flip book.

2 comments so far

  1. Meghan on

    Thank you for this! I am in the process of revamping how my students should take notes. I am considering interactive notebooks, but my concern is what to do with worksheets if they have a composition book instead of a binder!

  2. mrsgannon on

    Hi Megan!
    There are a few things you can do with the worksheets. You can glue an envelope in the back of your notebook with the open side facing inward. This makes a useful pocket for keeping folded handouts temporarily. You can also fold the worksheet and attach the back to the notebook page, but this only works if it is one sided. Your other option is to shrink the worksheet so that it will fit.

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