My first “game show” menu

I’ve taken the last few weeks while my students were in keyboarding to plan my first unit with a differentiated menu.

Here it is: Medieval Choice Projects

NOTE: Some instructions may seem “spotty” – that’s because students have a copy of the directions for each “type”of assignment already.

There were a few items I wanted to think through – daily accountability, “work as you go” capability, and integrating technology and still keeping the notebook as the student’s portfolio.

This is my current plan:
I will do direct instruction on Mondays and Wednesdays Рstudents will have some lecture, plenty of visuals, some independent  or group work, and review.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be choice board days. There will be six of them during the unit, which should provide plenty of work time.

Fridays will be for quiz, catch up and review. (or an alternate project work day if a lesson needs more than one day to complete).

Since the students have six days and six options, they will need to complete one option per day.

I chose the game show menu from Laurie Westphal’s book, and I like it – it is sort of “Jeopardy” style, with categories at the top and project choices ranging in point values under each one.

Things I like about this menu style:

  • It allowed me to have project choices for every indicator of my standards.
  • Students must choose at least one assignment from each category, but they can focus their energy on the category that appeals most to them. (The goal is to earn 100 points)

The menu is going to go after the notes for the medieval unit, and projects will be completed in the notebook. I’ll have notebook sized white paper cut for the posters and sensory figures – models will have pictures taken of and glued in, etc.

It was pretty challenging pulling the project choices together, and as with anything else, I’m sure this will be a learning experience in the implementation.

I start this with my first class on Monday, I’ll update as I go.


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