We already know more than we do.

I’m starting this blog to document and reflect on strategies I have used in my social studies classes. I would like this to eventually become a repository of ideas I’ve tried/would like to try/to get feedback on from other educators.

I went to a wonderful seminar this last summer where a statement has stayed with me. A presenter made the statement “We already know more than we do (i.e. actually put into practice).”

I think its true, at least in my case. So many strategies, so many ideas, so little time for reflection. My commitment to myself and my practice this year is to reflect. I want to re-examine and re-vamp my classroom.

I want to take my “golden oldies” as well as newer ideas including Web 2.0 tools and create a harmonious blend that will take my students further than I’ve been able to take them before.


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  1. mary on

    Your students are very fortunate! Setting goals and reflecting upon them can only improve your instruction, and from what I have read so far you are already a pretty incredible teacher. You inspire many- both students and teachers. Thank you from a newbie.

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